Anonymous: ALRIGHT LEMME PUT TO YOU LIKE THIS LEMME TELL YOU WHAT I NEED. I need a Sleeping Beauty AU where Stiles is Sleeping Beauty and Derek is Prince Phillip and then the big bad Argent would show up and she'd curse Stiles to prick himself on a spinning wheel on his 16th birthday AND TO SAVE HIM mama and papa stilinski would send him to live with Jackson, Isaac, and Scott until he turned sixteen BUT ARGENT WOULD GET STILES BACK and he'd prick his finger but Derek would save him with a kiss OH GOD


yeah man except, scott, lydia and allison are my fairies because i love my girls kay


Derek peers over the side of the cradle, scrunches up his nose, “I don’t like him.”

His mother laughs, ruffles his hair, “He’s a baby, darling. You were one once, too.”

“I’m not now, though,” Derek huffs, glares down at the little Prince. “What am I supposed to say to him?”

I’ll talk to him,” Scott barrels forward excitedly, trips over his own feet. “Mama, can I give him my present?”

Melissa laughs as Scott tugs on her hand, gold dust showering out of his hair as he darts over to the cradle.“He’s not going anywhere, sweetheart.”

“But, mama, I know exactly what I want to give him!”

“I gave him the gift of wit,” Lydia sniffs from beside Derek, “He’ll probably need it.”

King John chuckles, and Lydia remembers herself, blushes shyly, “I was just—”

“I would expect nothing less from an intelligent young fairy like yourself,” he says gently.

“I don’t have anything for him,” Derek tries not to pout; he’s really too old for such trifles. But, everyone else is giving the baby Prince something, and he suddenly feels like he ought to. The baby might not be doing anything, or seem interesting at all, but he’s blinking up at Derek so cheerfully, he wants to keep him happy. “Mama—”

“You’ll give him a whole kingdom one day, Derek,” Talia promises.

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